Faces cover

Faces cover

Thursday, October 16, 2014


I am toxicated and beautiful
lost myself in a chamber full of hearts
strangers from everywhere,
filling the place with love
while I was walking through the side road  I dropped flesh on purpose
for remembrance
flesh for recognition
flesh for a state
for a statue
for sun to burn it and notice
for moon to shine after
do you know what is it like to give away a piece of you
my mother once said, if a glass breaks, it will never be the same again
and us humans, lose that glass every time we forget about where we come from
where our dreams been the same since we were five
where our stink lasts forever in memory
we crave mistakes and moan
we desire flaws and judge
and now the sun is rising, it’s a new day
a beautiful one, I can feel the vibes
air so thick leaving marks on my bedroom window
had me confused thinking rain storms had just left

but I just didn’t notice how hot my room is

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