Faces cover

Faces cover

Sunday, October 12, 2014

a night in confusion

last night, i was walking through the small streets looking for parking
and nervous, i got my heart beating too fast
anxious and not knowing what he'd look like
his accent so thick sounded like alejandro on mexican tv
his deep voice awoken senses in me i was afraid that have died
even though they're attached to this life
but maybe it's just me, feeling like a remedy
his disparate look on his face searching for a cigarette questioned my thoughts
he seems sweet, i whispered to myself
and comforting voice said hello, it's pleasure to meet 
with a glass of wine on table scratching my teeth
making me stutter 
his beard so scruff and the world behind his eyes lost connection with god
his breath smelled like passion
and compassionately we kissed
i got lost, in a city i pretended to know, sky was full of haze, air so thick that i can feel it on my skin. dropping sweat from my forehead cutting alleys on my face, sensing tension from that old man looking homeless, dirty, and blind. 
he stopped me and asked for a light, i offered burgers but he said no
he then started rapping making up his words
talking about bombing Iraq and afghanis 
while government so busy not caring for him or his friend
he refuses to vote
voting brings another neglected president he says no one cares
as tears dropped from his eyes
my heart started pumping blood for anger and hatred of humanity
how such a talented man abounded in the streets not asking for money but craving humanity to restore itself
and each one of us to his own

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