Faces cover

Faces cover

Sunday, October 12, 2014

This heart has carried more weight than a whole world
Every piece in me is light  
Forming my delicate body that suffered my desire
Ginger Coyle singing theres something about the rain on a saturday
Her words flew me away to treat a park
Hitting a black swan in golden ears, I got lost in connection from her eyes  
Her sense in need of a friend, I whispered so do i
My pride prevented me from taking those two steps on a ladder that didn’t exist
Wasn’t there till I saw fog among the horizon
remembered life isn’t fair
So I ran into her like a mother who found her lost child
With arms delighting a welcome from her face, she smiled
Mentioning where she comes from
in german town she grew up
but in love falling while being in japan
I treated her with caramelized onions on lips coloring skin and confusing flavors
Teeth so white like ivory without killing an animal
And I myself became a stranger whom I’ve known for so long

Forgetting the fears surrounded my life and catching chances on falling stars 

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