Faces cover

Faces cover

Saturday, October 25, 2014


Once upon a child

Once upon a child lived. 
Once upon a child died. 

Once upon a child lived. 
But didn't. 
Once upon a child born conceived hatred taught and smiled 
Leaving that same child wounded behind 
Once upon a child cried calling for help. 
Voice so loud yet not heard
All nations preserved like salty skin on that beach Gaza. 
 A child a beautiful soul. Yet needs to be taught how to survive 
But Mother Nature extinct existed so a soul ran into the wild 
A child loves a surprise 
But what kind of surprise a child gets in Gaza

Once upon a child 

Thursday, October 16, 2014


I am toxicated and beautiful
lost myself in a chamber full of hearts
strangers from everywhere,
filling the place with love
while I was walking through the side road  I dropped flesh on purpose
for remembrance
flesh for recognition
flesh for a state
for a statue
for sun to burn it and notice
for moon to shine after
do you know what is it like to give away a piece of you
my mother once said, if a glass breaks, it will never be the same again
and us humans, lose that glass every time we forget about where we come from
where our dreams been the same since we were five
where our stink lasts forever in memory
we crave mistakes and moan
we desire flaws and judge
and now the sun is rising, it’s a new day
a beautiful one, I can feel the vibes
air so thick leaving marks on my bedroom window
had me confused thinking rain storms had just left

but I just didn’t notice how hot my room is

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


your memory in me is fading
i was furious for it to last
i was nervous for it to be a blast
now it’s dying and it is surely sad
i offered a warm heart to keep shelter from colder nights
and invited you to live within, between my blood and skin
you wounded me like worms eating fresh flesh of a dead animal
and managed to fool me
stabbing a heart that wrapped itself around you  
and swallowed a peace from it
still my favorite season is autumn
and i will still love and break hearts and love and have my heart broken and love
till im numb, till I  don’t feel again
after getting lost in a statue i’ve built with my own hands
i break through the mansion with bare feet then stumble in memory
triple sec solved most of the problems at noon, but midnight breeze brought pain back
where did you come from
what creature gave birth to your soul
all of these questions surrounding my daily life to find a reasonable answer
i’m not really sure if there is one anyways
but what i’m sure about is
if i ever find someone to love me the way i loved you

i'll bury myself adding life to theirs and never let go

Sunday, October 12, 2014

face (pure blood)

i'm pure
i'm pure
i'm pure
virgin and a whore, white heart
body and soul
wanting more and more
of what you think, understand and act
that thin line between your shadow and hat
lies beneath a heart once filled with love
once felt from above
below a degree a hallow
a sorrow a suffer, yet flawless
tear to justify life in love
we trust in god
we doubt in hearts
we feel in veins we heal

who's we?
who's us? who's they?
who's who?

once upon a man gave his life and never got it back
returned with no heart to do the act

to kill to hate to masturbate 
to forgive but not to forget
to seal the lips of a stranger
lived in a heart for long
i don't know you anymore
i can’t touch, i cant taste
i cant brush my paste
and rub my blood against the wall

we build our castle, so we destroy
the power used invested and all the hurt intelligent and neglected  
stabbed that innocent smile
and shed a tear

shed a tear 
a night in confusion

last night, i was walking through the small streets looking for parking
and nervous, i got my heart beating too fast
anxious and not knowing what he'd look like
his accent so thick sounded like alejandro on mexican tv
his deep voice awoken senses in me i was afraid that have died
even though they're attached to this life
but maybe it's just me, feeling like a remedy
his disparate look on his face searching for a cigarette questioned my thoughts
he seems sweet, i whispered to myself
and comforting voice said hello, it's pleasure to meet 
with a glass of wine on table scratching my teeth
making me stutter 
his beard so scruff and the world behind his eyes lost connection with god
his breath smelled like passion
and compassionately we kissed
i got lost, in a city i pretended to know, sky was full of haze, air so thick that i can feel it on my skin. dropping sweat from my forehead cutting alleys on my face, sensing tension from that old man looking homeless, dirty, and blind. 
he stopped me and asked for a light, i offered burgers but he said no
he then started rapping making up his words
talking about bombing Iraq and afghanis 
while government so busy not caring for him or his friend
he refuses to vote
voting brings another neglected president he says no one cares
as tears dropped from his eyes
my heart started pumping blood for anger and hatred of humanity
how such a talented man abounded in the streets not asking for money but craving humanity to restore itself
and each one of us to his own
This heart has carried more weight than a whole world
Every piece in me is light  
Forming my delicate body that suffered my desire
Ginger Coyle singing theres something about the rain on a saturday
Her words flew me away to treat a park
Hitting a black swan in golden ears, I got lost in connection from her eyes  
Her sense in need of a friend, I whispered so do i
My pride prevented me from taking those two steps on a ladder that didn’t exist
Wasn’t there till I saw fog among the horizon
remembered life isn’t fair
So I ran into her like a mother who found her lost child
With arms delighting a welcome from her face, she smiled
Mentioning where she comes from
in german town she grew up
but in love falling while being in japan
I treated her with caramelized onions on lips coloring skin and confusing flavors
Teeth so white like ivory without killing an animal
And I myself became a stranger whom I’ve known for so long

Forgetting the fears surrounded my life and catching chances on falling stars