Faces cover

Faces cover

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


your memory in me is fading
i was furious for it to last
i was nervous for it to be a blast
now it’s dying and it is surely sad
i offered a warm heart to keep shelter from colder nights
and invited you to live within, between my blood and skin
you wounded me like worms eating fresh flesh of a dead animal
and managed to fool me
stabbing a heart that wrapped itself around you  
and swallowed a peace from it
still my favorite season is autumn
and i will still love and break hearts and love and have my heart broken and love
till im numb, till I  don’t feel again
after getting lost in a statue i’ve built with my own hands
i break through the mansion with bare feet then stumble in memory
triple sec solved most of the problems at noon, but midnight breeze brought pain back
where did you come from
what creature gave birth to your soul
all of these questions surrounding my daily life to find a reasonable answer
i’m not really sure if there is one anyways
but what i’m sure about is
if i ever find someone to love me the way i loved you

i'll bury myself adding life to theirs and never let go

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