Faces cover

Faces cover

Sunday, October 12, 2014

face (pure blood)

i'm pure
i'm pure
i'm pure
virgin and a whore, white heart
body and soul
wanting more and more
of what you think, understand and act
that thin line between your shadow and hat
lies beneath a heart once filled with love
once felt from above
below a degree a hallow
a sorrow a suffer, yet flawless
tear to justify life in love
we trust in god
we doubt in hearts
we feel in veins we heal

who's we?
who's us? who's they?
who's who?

once upon a man gave his life and never got it back
returned with no heart to do the act

to kill to hate to masturbate 
to forgive but not to forget
to seal the lips of a stranger
lived in a heart for long
i don't know you anymore
i can’t touch, i cant taste
i cant brush my paste
and rub my blood against the wall

we build our castle, so we destroy
the power used invested and all the hurt intelligent and neglected  
stabbed that innocent smile
and shed a tear

shed a tear 

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