Faces cover

Faces cover

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

a letter to body parts

i grabbed a suitcase
and packed my belongings
i started with my kidneys first
then socks then undies
just two tho
then i looked at my thin spiral bone
it wouldn’t fit so i broke it and chopped it to 32 pieces
i couldn’t find the last one
my bag was too small to carry everything i wanted
i stared at my naked body inside out
felt the cold to my skeletons this time
my blood was so blue freezing from my looks at you
my brain did not function
and my heart did not pump

so i grabbed another suitcase
filled it with whatever dignity i could gather
till my nails chipped
till my flesh dropped
and my male genitals did not match my desire
so i left them hanging with balls stranded out that pelvic
that same pelvic you touched and once thought it belonged to you
with all of the emotions filled the place
yet my nerve system did not work
i was amazed
i was amazed by how my body looked
it was like a much needed change
a mandatory transformation
i emptied my abdomen in a hand bag
and carried it along
blood sneaked out of it dropping mark to track me
i did not know
until i saw your shadow in the vista
while in bellavista i vanished
avoiding my existence in rejection

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